Youth Programs

Finance 4 Your Future

This is a youth focused financial literacy program that provides participants with an understanding of banking and making financially dignified decisions. Participants in this program would be in primary to high school.

The programs include the following topics, with each module is to be taught in 45 minute to 1 hour 30 minute sessions:
  • Dignity, Values and Goals
  • Wants vs Needs
  • Money and Budgeting
  • Banking and Savings
  • All about Credit
  • Investing for your Future
  • Creating a savings plan

Employees and facilitators of partnering organizations can be trained to deliver this content

Wealth Creators

This is a 4 lesson initiative introducing the concept of entrepreneurship to young children, teenagers, schools leavers and adults from the age of 8.
The sessions are facilitated by entrepreneurs that are passionate about encouraging people to experience what it is like to start and run their own business. Each one of these coaches imparts their lessons to help transfer knowledge to the new group of entrepreneurs and improve their entrepreneurial journey.
Wealth Creators believe that being a successful entrepreneur is no different to being a successful sportsman or woman, the earlier you start practicing your skills the better you become.
Each Wealth Creator Academy covers the following topics:
  1. The Mind-set of the Entrepreneur
  2. Business Modelling and how to start a business
  3. Getting to grips with cash flow
  4. Networking and Mentors